Day 12: The Long Road Walk Continues

Memories from May 2

From Yucca Valley we took Pioneertown Road to… Pioneertown where we got water at Pappy and Harriet’s where AC/DC apparently once played and seems to be the only industry in town other than a rodeo stunt show across the road.

Pioneertown Rd continued to Rimrock where we siesta’ed in a ditch under a sign saying Big Bear in 28 miles. We were carrying 27 miles of water since Rimrock didn’t appear to have any establishments. Just as we were leaving, a guy pulled up and offered us the use of his well.

The sign to Big Bear pointed down Burns Canyon road which was very sandy and so hard to walk on. After some time, we ran into a local who warned us that the people down the road weren’t used to seeing outsiders. While we didn’t see anyone the houses were well kept. As we reached the golden hours, the orangish dirt of the road and Joshua trees were somehow reminiscent of Hawaii.

After a break to let everyone catch up, we walked into the early evening until we came across a turnout for ATVs with a few campsites. The light was too low for pictures but it was quite nice except for the broken bottle shards which forced me to abandon my first choice of site for fear of my air mattress.

Over dinner Julie expressed her desire to get to Big Bear the following day. It was decided that we would leave at 5:45am so that we would actually leave by 6am.

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