Day 18: McDonald’s

Memories from May 8

There’s a McDonald’s where the PCT crosses highway 15.


Also, I have a mere 2296 miles to go.


Which means I’ve come 342 miles.


The McDonald’s is a highlight which few hikers miss. I came for breakfast and stayed for lunch. There were many hikers both that I knew and were new.

For Mother’s Day, someone’s mom treated herself to a drive up to the McDonald’s and was distributing lasagna, bread sticks, and fruit inside.

After calling mom and leaving a message twice I moved on.

The trail had a few interesting obstacles.




As it climbed, despite being near a busy highway and railroad the view felt well composed.


I found some interesting bushes.


I needed to dry my gear and after dropping over a ridge, found a secluded campsite deep in the brush. On my way out around 5pm with dry gear and having caught up on a few blog posts, I surprised a pair of hikers who were settling in at a spot not quite as deep in the brush. I’d heard them say how hidden and private it was and decided it was better to leave before I became privy to anythings not intended for my ears.

Despite intending to pound out at least four more miles, I crossed Terminator & Co who pointed out that the trail was just about to start up a hill with no campsites so settled in with them.

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