Day 32: Zero in Tehachapi

Memories from May 22


I slept in 🙂 Having  four walls is somehow more conducive to that than the three wall pitch I’d used with my tarp before getting a poncho-tent yesterday.

It took a long time to run all my errands today because the city is so spread out.
* started walking to the laundromat but got picked up by Dog Bite the same trail angel who’d given me a ride from the post office yesterday. There were already 4 people in the 3 back seats, so I sat on the passenger’s lap. A police car was across an intersection from us but didn’t do anything.
* Got 6 days of food from the Dollar General. I have one left in my foodbag. Kennedy Meadows is about 140 miles
* Also got a big bag of knock off Captain Crunch and a gallon of milk this wound up being my sustenance for the day
* went to the laundromat but didn’t have enough cash to get quarters
* went to the Albertson’s to get a bowl for cereal. Their ATM wasn’t BofA.
* met Calamity and made a plan to get a ride back to the airport together
* went to Save Mart which had a BofA ATM and remembered to get Duck Tape which I haven’t had so far
* went back to the laundromat and did  laundry while wearing my rain clothes commando so I could wash everything. Also ate cereal from an Albertson’s deli soup bowl and got in a conversation with a local. So hikertrash.
* met Calamity and called Dog Bite to see if he’s give us a ride. Got a message machine so called a friend about scheduling in the Sierras so I can plan resupplies while Calamity looked for flip flops
* tried calling Dog Bite again but got a message machine so went to Starbucks to poach WiFi. Ran in to Jan and Julie. It was good to see them after yesterday’s post office race. Decided to try Zero Day Resupply (Amazon for backpacking resupplies) instead of buying food in town and shipping it because the grocery stores and post office in Tehachapi are more than two miles apart and it would take several trips. Instead to arrange 3 resupplies in less than an hour and a half. Take that Tehachapi city planning.
* Give up on getting a ride from Dog Bite. Walk back to the airport. Then walk to Home Depot to see if I can get Tyvek for a new ground cloth (I’ve been using a poncho as a ground cloth but my new poncho is my tent). A trail angel I’d seen at Starbucks saying it was his day off of trail angeling asks if I want a ride.
* Home Depot doesn’t sell Tyvek is less than a large roll. I wind up with a .7mil painter’s drop cloth, walk back to camp and cut it down to size. The stuff feels as light as a trash bag. Hope that’s not a problem later

At this point it’s something like 4pm and I still haven’t caught up on my blog, figured out how to fit 7 days if food into my backpack (my backpack is 45 liters and most people have at least 58 liters; REI recommends my pack for weekend trips, not multi-day excursions). I also need to ship home my old tarp and poncho. I don’t have refrigeration for my leftover milk tonight. But Waterboy and Calamity are going to see Jungle Boom in twoish hours so I do the responsible thing and tell them I’m in. Then Team Bizzle shows up (they’d originally planned to arrive tomorrow morning) and hanging out commences. My departure time moves from tomorrow morning to evening.

The Jungle Book was great. It was also nice to see a movie not feeling like hikertrash.

I have been in town 1.5 days and still haven’t eaten at a real restaurant. How did that happen?

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