Day 34: More Windmills and Wind

Memories from May 24

The title says it all.



Besides that, I crossed a very different type of trail first thing in the morning.


Then saw some bees.


And then took a wrong turn. This is not the trail but I didn’t realize that for another quarter mile. The trail is about 15 feet away but over the side of the wash so I couldn’t see it but close enough that the GPS said I was on the trail the first two times I checked.


While running some last minute Internet errands with the cell service available from the overlook where the first picture in this post was taken, a guy named Yard Sale caught up to me. His trail name comes from his pack.


I walked with him for most of the day which meant it was easy going.

I’m trying to eat as much of my food as I can to reduce pack weight. I almost ate today’s allocation if food but it appears that yet again, I’ve over packed food.

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