Day 40: Hello Sierras!

Memories from May 30

I woke up early with the idea of getting to the Kern River before the heat set in.

The trail started to open up.



And after a few side shows.



I arrived at what might been the first of the meadows for which Kennedy Meadows is named. It was also my first view of large granite formations which I associate so much with the Sierras. Very exciting.


After a bath and laundry in the Kern I walked in to the Kennedy Meadows General Store. The last five miles were through fields of small purple flowers.

Tradition has it that hikers are applauded when they approach the Kennedy Meadows General Store. It catches you off guard, though not as much as the price of gas. Much cheaper to walk.


It was about 2pm and hot enough that I was very glad to get off the trail. After a pint of ice cream, I entertained Druid, Ramen John, and Gone With The Wind by trying to fit all my gear for the Sierras and 12 days if food into my 45 liter pack. After three tries I fit the bear canister and warmer (read bigger) into the pack. Two days if food were relegated to the mesh pockets on the outside since the bear can isn’t required immediately.


Repackaging Nutella into Zip Lock bags so they pack better was a huge mess.

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