Day 54: Zero Almost at the Hot Springs

Memories from June 13

I spent the day hanging out with Brandon and Matt who came out yesterday to resupply me. The river looks a little shallower today but is still too deep, wide, fast, and cold for a safe crossing. Brandon and Matt were in hammocks and quite cold last night so they slept in while I caught up on blog entries.


With the lack of sun the last few days I haven’t wanted to use my phone for anything but its camera and GPS otherwise I’d risk running out if battery. Fortunately, the sun was out this morning and I could out out my solar panel.

The sun greets me as I open my tent flap. Hasn’t happened for a few days.


We took a short day hike down a trail towards Kings Canyon National Park which wasn’t on any of our maps. It just lead along the river so we enjoyed the scenery and napped.


Brandon and Matt introduced me to MREs which they’d brought. On the whole, they seem slightly better than most rehydrated backpacking food. There was a Creamsicle Cookie which was so good I can’t believe it’s not more widely available.


Back at camp we lounged around a fire until shortly before sunset. The fire was significantly better at keeping the mosquitoes at bay than my previously unused 100% DEET bug spray. I guess that’s another item to leave in the next hiker box.

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