Day 66: Entering Nostalgia

Memories from June 25

Six years ago, I hiked a southbound on the PCT from Belden to Tuolumne Meadows. Today, after leaving forwarding instructions for a package which never arrived (it was delivered somewhere in Yosemite, no one knows where), I started out on the reverse of the journey which inspired this one.

The hike started ignominiously around 1pm when I accosted a day hiker so as to ascertain whether a certain trailhead lead to the Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp. The sign on the road less than a quarter mile back had said Glen Aulin was this way but none of the signs at the trailhead said so. According to the nice fellow’s map that was because I needed to walk down a driveway (from which I’d accessed the trailhead) to a different trailhead. I suppose that’s why they’re called trail signs not driveway signs.

Tuolumne Meadows has some really great scenery, even from the first few miles. Also, the paths as far as Glen Aulin High Sierra Camp are as wide as roads.

I remember that building. As I recollect, I had been looking for a toilet since I felt too close to suburban day hikers to do the normal thing.


Here’s a bend in the Tuolumne River which I past last time through and thought it would be a great place to swim. I took the opportunity this time.


Tuolumne Falls were better this time through. More water. More rainbows.


The Tuolumne River from the bridge right before Glen Aulin. I remember drawing water from nearby last time through.


I camped with Cliffhanger and her dad, who is joining her for the trek to South Lake Tahoe, shortly after this meadow. It was just as striking as last time though the mosquito population was more active.


Good memories.

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