Day 119: Mt Adams

Memories from August 17

I got up late today and probably wasn’t on the trail until 8:15am. Five miles later, at the road in to Trout Lake, I found two trash cans. One of them did not contain trash but snacks. A hiker who was there when I arrived said the Trout Lake Abbey puts them out for hikers. This would explain why one of the cans had “may all beings find peace” written on it which is a somewhat loftier ideal than “make this garbage someone else’s problem” which is what I think most people would emblazon on their rubbish bins were they to endocrine them with an honest benediction. In situations like these, where a supervisory trail angel isn’t present, one is faced with an ethical dilemma as to the appropriate amount to take. I decided on three things: a drink, a snack, and one for the road (er, trail). I’m trying to ration a little to see if I can take an on trail zero or nearo in the Goat Rocks Wilderness since it’s supposed to be beautiful. Free calories go a long way towards that.

Salty passed by while I was at the trail magic. He’s a fast hiker with the worst luck when it comes to the mail. He’s passed me several times only to have me catch him while he’s waiting multiple days to solve the mystery of a package which didn’t show up. For his sake, I hope not to see him again in the trail since I’ll be going at a much slower pace but it was a little sad to say another farewell. Good bye until now has always meant, “see you down the trail” now it has a much greater finality since the likelihood of seeing someone again are reduced with the waning miles. Since I tried to practice footprint reading this afternoon in the fine sand, here’s a picture of Sally’s footprint. He’s currently wearing a “sawed off Croc” (he cut the top off a pair of Crocs and ran paracord through them to make sandals) after his hiking samdals broke.

The footprint of an old salt.

Another probably final meeting was with Strapless who in this picture is showing off his hipbelt-less pack. He’s one of only two people I’ve met who don’t use a hip belt though word has it the other has taken up the practice again.

I hiked with Strapless for a bit, crossing a lava field and a turbid stream with a log bridge so low you could feel the water beneath. There haven’t been a lot a strong streams lately so it was an interesting call back to the Sierra.

Strapless crossing a river of chocolate milk in Willy Wonka’s factory.

Where I parted from Strapless was at Killen Creek which had the best view of Mt Adams for the whole day. That’s saying something because I’d spent most of the day on its slopes though the views were usually partially obscured by dead trees from an old burn. It was pretty sweet to end the day just enjoying a glorious view and then camp a few dozen yards away by a waterfall.

Yes, yes,a water piece, just like this one. You may install it next to my bed in the master suite. That will be all Jeeves.

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