Day 132: Blueberry Fields Forever

Memories from August 30.

If the trail keeps turning up days like today, northern Washington will beat the Sierra for my favorite section. The trail was usually exposed so there was an almost continuous view of craggy ridges, lush multi-green hillsides, and sometimes snowy mountains. The exposure can be unpleasant because of constant sunlight but today was overcast which brought out the colors and kept me cool. The dominant ground cover has been blueberries and huckleberries which makes me think that the reason this area was classified as wilderness was because the Big Blueberry wanted to constraint supply…

There were lots of these little meadows.

Fields of huckleberries with the constantly shifting clouds which characterized today.

A large part of what made today so special was that the area seems encircled by distant, rough terrain. I took lots of pictures of it but things which are far away show up really small in pictures. Here’s a reasonable one. Look across the middle how the horizon is underscored with snowy mountains.

This is what I meant when I used the term, “multi-green”. There are so many different shades of green that you want to eat it like a vegetable.

Lake Sally Ann. At this point in the season many of the lakes don’t seem to have outlet streams which makes me a little wary of drawing water from them. Of course, I could go back to treating my water but ain’t nobody got time for that.

The PCT is supposed to be a horse trail as well. I’ve never seen this before.

Almost done.

Fire in the sky. Not the most amazing picture but I didn’t take anything from the hiker-only section which climbed above everything I could see, as the sun was on the horizon, and then into the mist before dropping steeply into a different valley.

What a visually sumptuous day. If I’d had a GigaPan, maybe I could have captured it.

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