Day 137: Missed Connection

Memories from September 4

Yesterday a friend and left a note at Rainy Pass saying she was in the area and was hoping to catch me on the way through. I wasn’t able to get in touch yesterday so after breaking camp, I waited by the road until around 9am in case she drove by. Finally, I was getting cold and mad at the WordPress app when it lost the contents of yesterday’s post which I was composing with stiff finger so I decided to call it a missed connection and move on. Anda – if you stopped by shortly thereafter, I apologize.

I spent most of today hiking with Starfish who you can see here being dropped off by a state trooper as I was getting ready to move on. She said that before giving her the hitch, the trooper ran her ID like a traffic stop. I suppose that’s a new definition of “tough hitch”.

A water feature on the way up to Cutthroat Pass.

The view from Cutthroat Pass. There were a lot of day hikers and weekenders that we passed on the way up then had to pass again because they passed us during this break.

The clouds made the morning views particular interesting.

Eventually those clouds decided to hail. And then rain. I would have preferred less indecision and that they had just stuck to the former as it bounces off instead of soaking in.

50 miles to go.

Love you Ma.

I slept at a campsite near Glacier Pass. Not quite as cold as the name implies which is good because I failed to start a campfire. I did clear out my unneeded maps and the lichen population. There were some weekenders nearby who, by the sound of their laughter, were being kept quite warm by their consumption of liquor.

For those of you who remember Jan who I’ve hiked with a number of times, a hiker I ran across today named June said that he and Strapless has trail names Jan Punisher because he does big miles despite shin splints, blisters, chafe, and disintegrating or misfitting shoes. I wholeheartedly support the motion.

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