Hayduke Day 0

Memories from October 3, 2018



I just finished taping and addressing resupply boxes, finding a location near Bryce Canyon to ship that resupply box, and packing my backpack (weighing 11.4lbs w/o food). The dryer just finished with the laundry so I my dirty duds won’t be perfuming my room for two months while I’m gone. More loose ends come to mind. At some point, I still need to go to work today.


Shipping my resupply boxes packages held up the normal line at the post office this morning. I’ve changed into the hiking clothes I’ll be wearing until Thanksgiving. The feeling that I’ve forgotten something keeps worrying me. I print off a map of the Klondike Alternate which I’ll be taking for the first several miles because I realized I’d only printed the main route.

I’ll paste this here for anyone who wants follow: https://share.garmin.com/IsaacWilson

Now it’s off to the bus to get to the airport…



It turns out that large jars of Nutella aren’t allowed through airport security so that’s something to pick up in Moab. I fly to Denver tonight for a 6hr layover (good thing I have camping gear) before taking the morning flight to Canyonlands Airport.

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