Day 9: Rest in Idyllwild

Memories from April 29

Despite our intent to sleep late, we’d packed up and departed by 8:30am.

I had a sore throat and prodigious mucous production during the morning.

Scott put a beer into one of his water bottles which he shared after we’d finished the uphill portion of the trek from Lake Hemet Campground to Idyllwild which was just 7mi but pretty hilly.

Twice I was accosted by strangers and given cookies. Once in Idyllwild between the thrift store and the campground, a car pulled over and a man (Mark?) said his wife made them for hikers. There was an e-mail the bag but I forgot to send a thank you. The other time was when I was leaving the post office and a lady named Diane called out, “hiker – have I given you cookies yet?”

Originally I was thinking of continuing today but while everyone was paying their mere $3 for the shared PCT hiker site, I broke down and decided to stay the night. I’m on the edge of sick, don’t know how long it will take to run errands, and am not thrilled about the possibility of thunderstorms while camping and extra several thousand feet.

Mom’s recommendation for the sore throat is 10,000mg of vitamin C. It was actually more like, take 5,000 at first then another 1,000 every hour until your stomach starts gurgling and you might get the runs. I got a bottle of vitamin C chewables which tasted like orange candy and wound up eating half today. No stomach or bowel issues but my pee is practically fluorescent so I think I saturated.

Two of the groups I’d liked with previously unexpectedly camped in the same campground and ate the same picnic table that night. KBar showed up and later Max, Pierre, and Kaya. I finally heard the song Isaac by Bear’s Den which Kaya had mentioned. From what I caught of the words it’s about a Father’s love for his so Isaac which I liked. At dinner I incorrectly stated that everyone I’d done miles with was at the table, forgetting John and Zucchini, and Connor and the Aussies.

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