Day 14: Zero in Big Bear

Memories from May 4

Today was mostly just town chores. Caught up on blog entries, bought groceries, some toiletries and replacement flip flops. I bought eggs, bacon, fruit and with the pancake mix at the hostel, made a wonderful breakfast which was just about the most perfect start to the day that could have possibly happened.

The day ended well when Jan, Sven, Julie, Kate, and I all made dinner together. We had cheeseburgers, salads, fresh vegetables, mashed potatoes with beans and other veggies mixed in (a graceful recovery from an attempt to make potato patties which were too crumbly).

Jan slaving away over salad dressing.


I was the burgermiester for the evening.


Random shot of the kitchen featuring Jan, Kate, and a passerby.


This was too crumbly to make into vegetarian patties but made a delicious mashed potato dish.


Family style dinner at the Big Bear hostel.


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