Day 23: Oops, Here’s Some Bonus Miles

Memories from May 13

Last night I realized that I had the distance to Acton and Agua Dulce backwards. I’d been planning on resupplying in Agua Dulce and staying there with a family if trail angels named The Saufley’s who are famous for hosting many hikers and having an incredibility well organized operation. Unfortunately, instead of 44 miles away, they’re 54 miles away. I got up as the sky was just lightening, went on a tear and had 13 miles by 9am, 17 miles by 11:30am where I refilled water (there hadn’t been any since the boyscout camp where I stayed last night), 29 miles around 3:30pm when I stopped for an afternoon break, and made it to the next water source, a ranger station 35 miles away by 6:30pm. When I pulled into the small camp by the station, I recognized a bunch of friends eating dinner. It was a huge emotional high. I even arrived in time to get a soda which a volunteer was selling to hikers to supplement the water a local organization cached for free. I know it is a particularly dry year but it seems that the PCT would be a much more difficult undertaking without so many people supporting hikers out of their own means.

Here are a bunch of views from the day.

Pine cone men.


And you though haunted forests were imaginary.


And a bunch of really nice views across the local hills.






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