Day 24: So Much Civilization

Memories from May 14

I broke camp with Terminator and Co and headed out. The terrain rolled generally downhill. I was feeling like a kid and used a quick shuffle step on the downhills which felt like skiing. The views were pretty standard for this section.


We got to the Acton KOA, and I bought a half gallon of milk and a pair of microwave pizzas. Part way through a sip from the milk jug, Terminator mentioned that they’d noticed I liked milk and thought I should be called Dairy Queen. I doubled over and almost spat milk though my nostrils. With that I was rechristened DQ.

After lunch the Acton KOA we came  across the “golden spike” where the PCT was officially declared finished.


Shortly before Agua Dulce, we walked through the Vasquez Rocks.




Just before the outskirts of Agua Dulce, Terminator tried to brush a cactus out of the way like a normal bush. Fruit Cup and I help pick the spines out of his arm.


After that we made it to the Saufley’s. They have a very well run operation given how many hikers they host and how many services they provide. I’ll write about it tomorrow because we plan to zero there. I got a shower and put my clothes in for laundry which was returned to me before I went to sleep.

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