Day 25: Zero at the Saufley’s

Memories from May 15

The Saufley’s are a family if trail angel’s who host up to 50 hikers at a time. They go all out. They have a trailer home for hiker use with a shower (sign up list for the shower can run 20 deep), kitchen, 5 porta-poties, a computer/internet tent, a packaging tent (Gatorade and Snickers also available for $1), a mailing center with scale, and racks of storage to hold packages for hikers. The water for the trailer has to be trucked in because the Saufley’s well is on for their house.

The Saufley’s say they have a 50 hiker per night limit. Given that things got a lot busier after this photo, I’m not convinced it’s a strict limit.


I wrote some blog entries, got a new pair of underwear from REI (the Saufley’s rent a van and shuttle hikers to REI twice a day for a recommended $10 donation), checked e-mail, and napped in the shade. It was overcast in the morning which made me want to hike because in this semi-arid environment the shade of clouds makes hiking much easier. My body was really happy for the day off however. I think higher mileage days put more stress on you per mile than shorter mileage days. I guess that sounds obvious in hind sight.

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