Day 26: Ready, Wait, Wait…., Go

Memories from May 16

That e-mail checking from yesterday notified me that I had some financial matters to resolve and so I couldn’t depart the Saufley’s in the cool early morning as would have been my preference. My credit card has been canceled due to suspected fraud and I arranged for a new one to be sent to Hikertown in four days. I should have said three days but I miscounted and it’ll force me to go slow for a few days which isn’t really a bad thing.

After waiting out the heat of the day, I hit the trail with Terminator, Splitter, Gargamel, and Texas Tracker, around 4:30pm. Fruit Cup was left at the liquor store to finish his ice cream. The trail is initially a road walk out of Agua Dulce which passes by the forward section of a large aircraft.


The trail climbed for a while and we passed a lot of people. The golden hours were beautiful, giving the fields of dry fox foxtails flaxen halos.

I was walking fast and missed the last water supply for 15 miles and had to backtrack a quarter mile.

We camped in a flatish open area just off the trail with a beautiful view.



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