Day 27: The Anderson’s

Memories from May 17

I woke up and pretty much just booked it the 11ish miles to the road by 10:45am then waited for Team Jimmy Bizzle as Terminator, Splitter, Fruit Cup, Gargamel, and Texas Tracker have taken to calling themselves.


Despite hiking fast and passing a bunch of people before having them pass me while I was wanting my the road, I took the time to enjoy the morning sun highlighting the valley above which I was walking.


I also almost made a wrong turn. As with many things I get tunnel vision at times and almost missed the PCT sign (right) because I only saw the more prominent and unambiguous sign to the left.


A little before that was my favorite trail marker yet – a PCT sign posted on shovel. Any PCT hiker sees enough trail signs to be a connoisseur.


Despite having only left the Saufley’s the evening before, we were already at another well know trail angel’s: the Anderson’s.


The Anderson’s (the wonderful Terrie Anderson, who welcomes all hikers with a hug and slaps you with a stick if you put your plate over a serving dish at the nightly Taco Salad dinner, is sitting on the porch) proudly display a sign, “Hippie Day Care” which accurately describes the atmosphere as well as the rigor of their operation. I took a GI shower in the stall in their back yard, washed clothes in a bucket by the spigot on the side if the house, and painted a rock at the activity table out front (I’m not an artist so I’m not posting a picture if it). Living up to my trail name, I bought a gallon of milk and more than a half dozen ice cream sandwiches at the gas station instead of the 18packs of PBR fancied my most hikers.


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