Day 29: Siesta at a Guzzler

Memories from May 19

My credit card is due to show up at Hikertown on May 20th so even if I wanted to rush I couldn’t. That’s a nice place to be since today was pretty hot and frequently windless. The views were nice and pretty much par for the course.


After a stop for water at an off trail guzzler (a large, low metal roof which funnels rain into an underground tank), we siesta’ed under another just a few miles away. The roofs are just high enough to crawl under to get out of the sun.


After an hour or two everyone else got antsy and headed out despite it being the heat of the day (all things considered it wasn’t so hot since we’d just gained enough elevation to drop a few degrees and pick up a light breeze again) but I decided to listen to an audio book since I’m behind on my “reading”.

I left the guzzler around 4pm and joined the others at a camp just on the north side of a ridge which was calm when I arrived but was very windy that night. The clouds didn’t seem to threaten rain but made for some interesting effects with the sun which aren’t really conveyed in this picture.


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