Day 47: Short and Sweet

Memories from June 6.

With Whitney (about 14500ft) yesterday and Forester Pass (about 1300ft and the highest point on the PCT) less than 15 miles away, we only hiked about 8 miles today.

There were three stream crossings. Like high mountains and passes, stream crossings are much hyped as a source of danger. Wallace, Wright, and Tyndall creeks were all pretty straight forward for someone my size. Tyndall was a little fast but I wore my shoes and it was easier than the others in flip flops. Wright is less than a mile after Wallace so I hiked between then in flip flops. After crossing Tyndall I dropped my backpack at a campsite and hopped back in with my clothes on for a bath and laundry.

Nana crossing Wright Creek.


The views, however were the real highlight. Between Wright an Tyndall creeks there’s a rise next to Tawny Point.

Mount Whitney is the tallest in this picture. Due to our approach yesterday, we did really get to see it.




What made the plateau by Tawny Point so incredible was that the view was contiguous for about 270 degrees. It was a stream of mountains an a valley with Tawny Point itself being the last 90 degrees. On Whitney, you were above everything and so had different views from different edges.

Today was very pleasant and a great set up for going over Forrester Pass tomorrow.

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