Day 58: VVR

Memories from June 17

This morning I hiked into Vermilion Valley Resort by the trail north of the lake. Tomorrow, I’m meeting a friend from home who will join me for a week. I’ve been going slowly the last few days so as to not get there early and sit on my hands spending lots of money.

VVR is on the corner of Thomas A Edison Lake which doesn’t seem to have quite recovered from the California droughts but is pretty nonetheless.


VVR is very hiker friendly. Camping is free and so is your first beer. They have loaner clothes to wear while you do laundry. I grabbed what I thought was a Hawaiian shirt thinking of having a throwback to the Anderson’s who greet you with a Hawaiian shirt to wear during your stay. It turned out to be a little long.


On the way in I saw Nana and Indy who’d been forced to camp in the thunder storm I’d heard the night after Muir Pass. They were close enough that the hair on their arms stood up when the charge for a lightning strike built up.

I had chocolate peanut butter milkshakes with lunch and dinner and picked up a pair of gloves to replace the ones I probably left at the Muir Pass shelter. Otherwise I passed the time hanging out with other hikers.

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