Day 59: A Ferry Ride

Memories from June 18

I spent the morning lounging around and playing soccer with MP3. He set out into the Sierras a few weeks before I did had a crazy story from his trip over Forrester Pass: turning back because of wind, trying to get over Shepherd’s Pass instead and it being too icy, having to wait out storms, people running out of food, a helicopter dropping food and evacuating an injured person. To be clear, he was sufficiently prepared, and it wasn’t him that ran out of food but it shows how much conditions can change in a short time.

In the afternoon, Anda, a hiking buddy from home showed up. She’s taking a week off of work and joining me for this section of the Sierras. We took the ferry back to the trail and camped by Mono Creek where I had before coming to VVR. It was strange being in a vehicle which could move fast enough that things near you moved faster than things in the distance.


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