Day 60: Silver Pass

Memories from June 19.

Happy Father’s Day! I don’t have network (as some German hikers say) so I can’t call and I don’t know when this will get uploaded but I wanted to say that anyways.

Anda and I took the long climb up to Silver Pass. The Pass is below 11000ft but we were coming from about 8000ft.

The most fun stream crossing yet was right next to a waterfall. It looked really impressive but the water itself wasn’t moving quickly.



Silver Pass had the traditional snowy approach though the tracks were pretty easy to follow.

Silver Pass is at the first dip in the ridge on the left.


Looking back from the pass.


Above the Pass looking down. Silver Pass is unique in that once cresting it you have to go up a little more. However the tracks in the snow lead straight. I spotted what looked like a little bit of trail above the pass so we hiked straight up to it.


On the way down, there were a number if old tracks through the snow which formed trenches. I’ve heard the red color is due to an algae.


The descent from this ridge was a little strange.  The trail technically runs its entire length and switch backs down off the right side of the picture. Most people just walked far enough that they were comfortable glissading which left lots of options for tracks to follow.


Cliffhanger (formerly Half-Spoon) and Cookie Monster (who wants a different trail name) passed us but didn’t make it very far then passed us again.


Just another pretty picture.


We camped with Bushwhack, Prancer, Cliffhanger, Cookie Monster, and Ripper.  Bushwhack and Prancer hadn’t found the trail above Silver Pass and had lived up to the former’s name though it sounded like the living part of it was not a clear guarantee from some of the slides that happened.

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