Day 61: A Pretty, Easy Day

Memories from June 20

I’ve mentioned before that I cowboy camp (sleep with no tent) whenever the weather allows. Here’s Prancer demonstrating why. He may technically have a tent (his is jokingly referred to as a coffin) but everything happens outside it. Some people remedy that by carrying heavier tents.


Here’s Anda crossing the outlet of Lake Virginia.


Lake Virginia. There must be a song, “West Virginia where I’m from…” because “Lake Virginia where I’m from…” was playing on repeat in my head for hours before and after getting here.


A nice view from the traverse after Purple Lake.


One of these log bridges isn’t done yet.


Mid-afternoon crossing an alpine meadow.


The trail at times was somehow vaguely reminiscent of Lander’s Camp from a few hundred miles ago just before the long waterless section.


It also reminded me somehow of summer camp. I kept expecting to see counselors and campers and cabins.


We camped at Deer Creek. The area was pretty well cleared of fire wood but there was a dead tree which had fallen at an angle so I climbed up it like a ramp and knocked off some branches (all the ones in easy reach had been used). Usually, when tree climbing you want the branches to stay on.

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