Day 62: Red’s Meadow

Memories from June 21

First thing after waking up, Anda pokes her head out of her tent and said she was considering getting off the trail early at Red’s Meadow instead of Tuolumne Meadows. Her reasons were a list of recited by PCT hikers forced to take time off trail in their first few weeks while adapting to the daily grind. It’s a good reminder of how much the trail changes us physically and mentally.

Still, we had to actually get to Red’s Meadow. In doing so, we passed a red hill which is part of a completely different geographic feature.


Here’s a terrible photo of Red’s Meadow. I resupplied and ran internet errands. Their connection was good enough to support a call from dad but not enough to upload blog entries. The milkshakes at the grill behind the bus are quality and all personnel friendly. Anda finally decided to quit hiking after trying to come up with a food list for the resupply and having the first thing that came to mind be that her feet hurt. We decided to meet up at the High Trail Head about eight miles north since I could hiker there and it was on the bus route which services Red’s Meadow and Mammoth Lakes.


En route to the High Trail Head (which isn’t very high), I passed Devil’s Postpile National Monument.

From the top.


From the side.


Most of the hike was along a river but it eventually turned off into a very nice meadow which was filled with mosquitoes.


Since the camp was nearby, our first order of business was building a fire which is sometimes more effective than bug spray. We passed a pleasant dinner with Timo, a German I’d met passing Devil’s Postpile. He’d mention picking up an Italian sausage from the Red’s Meadow hiker box and not being able to fathom why anyone would have left it. Ironically and humorously it turned out to be the one Anda had left when she donated most of the food she’s brought.

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