Day 73: Zero in South Lake Tahoe

Memories from June 2

I spent the morning running errands. I resupplies at Raley’s. Made some calls. Picked up a surprise from a friend at  Lake of the Sky Outfitters and picked up a new pack. My old one was too large given my current setup and I wanted to try something smaller but with softer shoulder straps and where I could take the hip belt off.


After the outfitters, I joined Timo at the campsite he’d rented nearby. I had intended to ship by old pack out but instead hung out at Pope Beach with a friend who is working at a camp. It was the first time today that I felt like I’d been able to slow down and enjoy South Lake Tahoe. While we were sitting in the beach a purple, inflatable ball started drifting off into the lake and I tried to swim after it. Hiking seems to have completely ended my ability to swim more than a few dozen yards so a kayaker got the ball instead. I’d intended to see a movie tonight since I think the cinema is to defining experience of being in civilization as opposed to out hiking but was too tired after dinner.

Ryan – This one is for you. Much appreciated.


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