Day 81: Belden Town

Memories from July 10

Today I reached Belden Town Resort where I started the section hike six years ago which inspired this trip. I remember seeing this sign on the second day of that trip and feeling a sense of accomplishment at how far Is made it.


I distinctly remember this view as well. I hadn’t seen much of what the trail had to offer at the time and so had remarked to myself that it was the most beautiful view I’d ever seen.


This I remember as my first scenic view of the Pacific Crest Trail. Between it and Belden are about 5,000 ft of switchbacks.


My parents came up to Belden in memory of the start of the trip six years ago. We had lunch, I picked up my resupply box, mom passed out brownies to hikers, and dad gave Scrapbook a ride to Caribou Crossing.


On the hike out, I noticed some delectable black berries.


The point of this picture was to capture how ridiculously much effort has been put into getting power and communication lines down the valley. Instead, I think it just came out a pretty picture.


I camped near the Williams Cabin Site but wasn’t able to find any remains of a cabin.

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