Day 82: The White Witch

Memories from July 11

A flowery view from this morning’s hike.

At Cold Springs, I was lunching with a few other hikers when a Jeep with no top, just a roll cage, drove up and stopped on the dirt road a dozen yards away. Salutations were exchanged and the man and woman in black jeans and shirts hopped out and genially joined us in conversation. The woman was particularly talkative, asked about our trip, told us how much our connection with nature was going to change us, shared that she was going on a medical mission with Doctors Without Borders, and had a handgun holstered at her hip. At some point Zombie Dust noticed something in one of the woman’s tatoos and asked a bunch of questions which I didn’t follow other than that the woman called herself a witch, a white one, had a ring with something taken from a tomb her great uncle helped excavate, and a ring from a medicine man of the Hopi people. She wound up blessing everyone individually and gave us all hugs before departing. I’d never really been exposed to Wicca practice/culture/thought so it was unique experience. On an unrelated note, the spring itself has been piped o look like a bathtub.

Sometimes I think that trail signs look like toothpicks placed to identify points I’d interest in a giant’s terrarium or diorama.

You know, just in case someone wants to walk to Canada for no particular reason.

Mount Shasta by sunset.

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