Day 83: Whoa-oh We’re Half Way There

Only one thing today really mattered.

Whoa-oh we’re half way there. Whoa-oh living on the tra-ail. Take my hand, we’ll make it I swear…

Shortly after the half way marker is the city of Chester. I got a hitch in from a trail angel and ran internet errands for a couple hours while eating both breakfast and lunch at the Kopper Kettle. Of course things dragged out as I didn’t have my account number in hand to update the address of my mortgage provider, helped Short Shorts get money after he lost his debit card, and waited for my house mate to get off work so I can ask him to forward my credit card which I had to get reissued since it dissapeared.

There’s a Lutheran Church in Chester which lets hikers camp in the back for free. They provide internet access so I wanted to catch up on blog posts and wound up socializing with other hikers. The WordPress app updated and, well, I have some feedback.

Hopefully I’ll hitch back out tonight since Chester wasn’t on my resupply itinerary. I’m not expecting to have good internet access again until Oregon.

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