Day 84: Drakesbad

Memories from July 13

[WordPress updated their app so that pictures which haven’t been uploaded are fuzzy while composing a post. Given that I don’t have internet on the trail, this makes it annoying to work pictures into the text unless you’re writing in real time which I don’t.]

It’s only 18 or 19 miles from Chester to Drakesbad so I slept in, had breakfast at a restaurant with friends, then hitched out around 10am. Most of the hike wasn’t eye catching. One highlight though was running in to Paul who through-hiked in 1977 and hosted a multi-day bonanza of trail magic at Chimney Creek when I was passing through. 

Just before the Drakesbad Guest Ranch, was a strangely colored lake: opaque grey green with red mud like the runoff water from a pottery project. There was a sign saying it was illegal to pass the sign and approach the lake. A trail of footprints passed next to the sign on their way to the lake.

Drakesbad itself was very pleasant. I got I shortly before dinner which was hamburgers. I got a shower, did laundry, and got my resupply box. My uneaten which was plentiful and of good quality went into the hiker box. Night had fallen before I walked down the road to to the Warner Valley campground and stumbled upon Little Red Riding Hood, Short Shorts, and Scrapbook who I’d left when hitching out of town after breakfast.

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