Day 92: Hole-y Socks

Memories from July 21

Today’s hike was pretty tightly managed since I’m trying to get to Etna by Friday at 5pm for a package. I wound up hiking 38 miles, assisted by the gentle terrain. There weren’t any particularly notable events but with so many miles, there were some good views.

When the trail comes up to a saddle like this and you can suddenly see into a new valley it’s a little exciting. I get a feeling of anticipation as I approach one, starting right about where this picture was taken.

A trail sign to Bloody Run Trail. I’d love to know if the whole day dripping over the ingrown sign was intentional but it looks as macabre as the name of the trail sounds.

Just another nice view.

I set up for the night in an ATV track near a trailhead since it was the most level place I could find. Also, I found a hole in my left sock. This is notable because I only have one pair of socks, because I’ve had these socks since the Mexican border, and because they’re Darn Tough brand socks so I can return them for a new pair which isn’t thin and hard. I’m near a trailhead with roaming cell service and am able to text Dad to ask him to send a pair of the replacement socks I’d left with him. Good timing to have cell service.

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