Day 95: Goats and Paradise 

Memories from July 24

We’d heard cow bells last evening and this morning from particular overlooks. It turns out they were goat bells. There appear to be some hikers with a dozen or so goats but we’d already passed by the time we saw the human contingent.

Jan being greeted by one of the dogs which was hearding the goats.

There were a number of exposed ridge walks which made for nice views. The intense sunlight washes out most pictures I’ve taken of them. However, we did pass by Paradise. 

Somehow I’d assumed that a lake called Paradise wouldn’t look like a mosquito bath. Jan was out of water and so took some from Paradise Lake. His comments didn’t make it sound like it tasted particularly divine.

The trail is generally becoming more exposed and drier. The yellow of the rock in and around these steps highlighted the changes. It also made me glad that we were at a higher elevation since we could feel it get significantly hotter whenever there was a long descent.

One of many pleasant but sun drenched overlooks.

When the trail would descend, conditions got greener to the point of being lush.

Trail or ivy? You decide.

After a long descent into a river valley, Jan and I set up at a campsite with a bunch of other hikers. Despite the creek being very cold, the night was the first of the entire trip where I had to unzip my sleeping bag for most of the night because it was too warm.

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