Day 96: Seiad Valley

Memories from July 25

Today we hiked into the very small town of Siead Valley. The trail actually goes along several miles of road right through town. The small size of the town means the restaurant; store; and RV park where you can shower, do laundry, and camp are all adjacent which is convenient when you’re trying to minimize the time spent walking between them in the 110°F sun. The trail before the road was an easy, rolling walk down the edge of a valley which dropped steeply to Grider Creek. The plan is to stay in Siead Valley until tomorrow evening until to let Jan’s leg rest, resupply, and prep for the Oregon in 2 Weeks challenge.

This little bridge is out.

This little bridge is not.

Apparently, we’re only 8 miles from Germany. Also, hamburgers were on the mind.

Several people in town asked if Jan and I were brothers. What do you think?

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