Day 98: The End of California

Memories from July 27

Jan and I woke up to a 4:30am alarm so we could finish the exposed section of the ridge before the heat was turned on. By early morning light, it was one of the better ridge walks of the trip because of the constant openness of the views because of the burn.

Shortly after our first stop to collect water I started to feel unsteady. Thinking back through what I’d eaten, I realized that that I’d barely had anything but sugar since yesterday morning (Campbell Soup seems to have gone for diet over hearty and so dinner last night, while surprisingly filling contained fewer calories than a pair of pop tarts). I took an emergency food break to stuff my face before continuing. Making such a beginner mistake this far into the trail made me almost feel ashamed. Several hours later, all that food kicked in and I ran on and off after a later water collection break to make myself feel like I was back in the game.

Jan and I camped about a mile short of the border between California and Oregon. I haven’t processed the fact that I’m within a relative hairsbreadth of having walked across California.

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