Day 99: Oregon

Memories from July 28

Our campsite was really comfy last night and Jan didn’t want to get up for 5:30am reveille. I don’t normally set an alarm but we wanted to make to our next resupply, Callahan’s Lodge, in time for the bottomless pasta supper with the idea of getting back to the trail, even if not making it very far thereafter.

Less than a mile before the Oregon/California border, it appears that border security is suffering from California budget shortfalls.  

The border itself. Featuring myself and Jan’s finger.

The GPS agrees, we just walked across California. I’ll just let that sink in. It stall hasn’t for me.

My first impression of Oregon is that it would be pastoral but for the hills. Most of today looked like this.

It’s not uncommon to hear woodpeckers but this looks like a woodpecker hit squad was called in to “take care” of a particularly irksome tree.

We ran across some trail magic, two coolers of soda just after a break and so were forced to take another break. The sun was hot at the moment and it was hard to get going again.

Jan had been walking slower than me for most of the day but as we were closing on the day’s objective he came flying by as fast as I’ve almost ever seen anyone hike. He’d previously picked up a new blister and had been feeling crumby so instead slowing down and feeling sorry for himself, he’d decided to get it done ASAP.

Our resupply packages had not yet been delivered when we arrived at Callahan’s Lodge. Also, they had a special breakfast option for hikers with all you can eat pancakes. Also, they’d had a cancellation so we could split a room four ways for the same price as camping, laundry, and shower. So we got a room and it was nice. There was a balcony, fireplace, and hit tub. Despite going to dinner in a bathrobe (several other hikers did as well), I didn’t feel like hikertrash. Even for those without a room, there’s a large room off the entry way where hikers could explode their packs while repacking. Callahan’s is the classiest hiker friendly place I’ve experienced. In the end I only found one hiker besides Jan to split room so it was a little pricey for me since I’d put the room on my card but in return I got a king sized bed to myself. 

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