Day 103: Fire and Frustration

Memories from August 1

I had my alarm set for 4am so I could get into Mazama Village by 7:30am and be out by 9am. Got up at 6am instead with the excuse that Jan was still behind me.

I got into Mazama Village and had breakfast with Maui until 10:30am. Jan showed up part way through but neither of us wanted to be in a hurry.

When I finally got over to the store where my resupply box had been shipped, it hadn’t arrived. Admittedly, the online resupply company had sent me an e-mail saying it might me as late as this afternoon but I’d discounted that since my previous resupply box had arrived a few days before despite being ordered only one day earlier. This what makes going border to border in Oregon in 14 days difficult. The miles can be hiked but recovering from logistics delays can be difficult.

Eventually my box showed up, and my abuse of the unlimited soda refills ended. While it was nice to get a shower and do laundry, I was antsy to get moving. When Jan and I arrived at Crater Lake Rim Village around 5pm, however, we found that a nearby fire closure had just been expanded in the last hour to all trails on the west side of the lake. That meant we’d have to hike around the east side of the lake on 25 miles of road instead of about 7 miles of scenic trail. There was a fancy restaurant nearby so we had a white tablecloth dinner which cost more than my entire resupply box as consolation. This also gave us a chance to plan the road walk.

We started down the road at 7:30pm but since Jan had gotten up before I’d even intended to, we camped at a day use trailhead earlier than planned.

I was pretty frustrated with how it had a turned out. Just to rub salt in, a box of brownies mom had sent apparently showed up Mazama Village within an hour of me having gotten my package and presumed there were no other packages for me. I could have hiked back for the brownies but that would have felt tantamount to abandoning the Oregon in 2 Weeks Challenge.

Some of the high brow merch you can get at the Mazama Village Store.

Smoke from the fire pouring into Crater Lake. There’s a guy on the right side of the photo trying to take a picture of the lake.

Presumably, he got a picture like this. Crater Lake is formed in a caldera volcano. Is it about to blow?

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