Day 105: Oregon “Skyline” Trail

Memories from August 3

One big highlight from today is that Jan discovered that the Oregon Skyline Trail shortcuts about 10 miles of the PCT and passes by Shelter Cove, a resort which we both dearly hope has hamburgers. The which of taking a shortcut while trying to hike across Oregon in 2 weeks might be questionable if we hadn’t had  13 miles added by having to walk to the east around Crater Lake. Jan is almost giddy.

 In other news, we saw some cool sights today. First up was free marijuana. This counts as a sight and not an experience because I didn’t take any.

Second was mount Thielson. I probably wouldn’t have noticed it in thr Sierra but Oregon seems to be about appreciating the tree and not the forest, except when it comes to actual trees in which case you mostly just see forests of them and they lose their unique qualities.

Third was the highest point in the PCT in Oregon ans Washington. This is mostly an interesting view because it completely defies your expectations for how such a place would look. Not exactly inspiring

These red hills which were nearby were pretty cool though.

Finally, the sunset looked like the forest was in fire. Note that this is the only picture from today taken on the Oregon Skyline Trail. That’s because it’s pretty representative of the “skyline” you see.

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