Day 113: End of Oregon

Memories from August 11

The 29 miles into Cascade Locks on the Oregon-Washington border were pretty easy. I hiked most of it with Pathfinder who I’d run across shortly after starting.

The highlight of the morning was a view if Mt St Helens, Rainier, and Adams. They’re pretty far away so I don’t know how easy it is to see in the picture. The pile of stones in the right is a cairn, not a mountain.

We took the Eagle Creek alternate, like all PCT hikers (it’s closed to riders), and will let the pictures speak for themselves though the lighting made it difficult to get good shots.

At the Eagle Creek trailhead, there was a man and woman who asked if we were PCT hikers and offered donuts. I recognized the man as the hiker with the smallest pack I’d ever seen who passed me shortly after Ebbet’s Pass moving faster than I’d ever seen walk without great exertion. He introduced himself as John. The woman introduced herself as Carrot and since I had asked how they supported themselves since they were both clearly experienced hikers mentioned a few things and finally that she did some writing. She’s the author of  Thru Hiking Will Break Your Heart. I was tickled as it was my first time meeting the author of a book I’ve read. I talked with them for a while until other hikers showed up. One of the best moments in the conversation was when John, a very accomplished hiker, talked with honest amazement about people who carry heavy packs (40lbs). He’s a very down to earth person and it was amusing hearing the same honest surprised respect in him about others which many others would have about him.

Finally, I walked down a bike path (by chance with Chance, another hiker), under the highway, and to the end of Oregon.

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