Day 114: Zero in Cascade Locks

Memories from August 12

Today was mostly spent catching up on overdue blog posts and getting in touch with people who had expressed interest in hiking with me in Washington. Apparently I’m not the only one who has problems with the mobile app for this blogging platform as I heard cursing from a nearby tent about dissapearing posts.

The most disappointing part of the day was when I realized that I’d written down my date of entry into Oregon wrong and so had crossed it in 15 days, failing the Oregon in 2 Weeks Challenge. There’s some cold comfort in that some people start the challenge at Ashland in which case I succeeded, though I’ve always looked down on this version and so can’t retroactively embrace it.

The Port of Cascade Locks has a very nice campground with good facilities and a pleasant view. A wedding party has rented all the car camping spots and I saw the wedding party taking pictures on a nearby bridge.

I didn’t manage to get my resupply arranged for Washington but hope to get that sorted in the morning.

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