Day 116: Two Baths

Memories from August 14

Today was mostly a walk in the woods. While this means no big views, my lower mileage days in Washington mean I have time for things like swimming. I took two baths today. One, a sponge bath with my bandana in the morning and the second a proper dunking in a nice creek. Since the forest is so dense, I had to dry off my just walking. It was hot enough that walking in wet clothes was a given, whether it was stream water or sweat and I was glad for the near constant shade.

The view from my campsite while drying gear from the large quantity of dew.

Bath number one.

Washington is clearly a much wetter environment than elsewhere on the trail because the density of moss in some places looks like the rocks are molding.

This was today’s one view. Forested hills with a creek (not pictured) running near the base of the ledge.

Is your favorite day spa this picturesque?

I camped with English and Tater Tot near, but not on, a river. I’ve been surprised how few of today’s streams had campsites immediately adjacent.

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