Day 117: Peek-a-boo Mountain Views

Memories from August 15

Today the trail was mostly tree covered but had a number of peek-a-boo views of Hood, Adams, and St Helens.

Even the ridge walks were tree covered.
There was a bit of volcanic rock in the afternoon but unlike other volcanic sections, the trail was mostly dirt and so easy to walk on.

This particular spring looked like it was part of the set of a horror movie. Fortunately I hadn’t planned on stopping there anyways.

And after some more children’s games played with large prominent geographical features I wound up at Blue Lake.

Blue Lake, not to be confused with Upper and Lower Blue Lakes in California (this isn’t nearly the first such instance) was supposed to only have camping in designated spots. A trip around the lake showed none available and so I wound up finding a site with a tent made of cuben fiber with a  few SmartWater water bottles lying around (sure signs of a PCT hiker) and asked if I might share the site. The residents obliged and I passed the evening quizzing an elderly swiss couple about their home country. They had just retired and had decided to hike the PCT. Their original plan was to do 15 miles per day but were now doing about 20.

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