Day 126: Like a Day Hike, Just Longer

Memories from August 24

Today’s objective was to get to Mirror Lake in time for a swim. There was a lot of elevation change at a steeper than normal grade. For comparison, there was 25% more elevation gain than when I did 51.5 miles into Timberline Lodge and today there was a little less than half the miles. I’m getting close to where I’ve day hiked near home and the trail felt more like those day hikes than the PCT.

Nice little view of Rainier. I think today will be the last on which I see it.

Hey look, evidence of civilization. Sometimes power lines are just an ugly scar on the earth. These fit into the scene pretty well.

Nature’s own water bottle fill station.

Looking towards Yakima Pass from the top of the outlet stream from Mirror Lake.

I’m getting near to places which I’ve day hiked and in some respects today felt pretty familiar. It was like a day hike, just longer.

This evening I had dinner with the family at the adjacent campsite. It was their first time taking their kids out camping and the kids were fun to play with while chatting about gear with dad or trail nutrition with mom. We told ghost stories and the dad used a branch of green pine needles which popped rapidly to create “zombie smoke” which turned him into a zombie at which point he chased the kids around. It was a really pleasant evening and a nice change while still being relaxing.

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