Day 127: Close to Home

Memories from August 25

Mirror Lake is 8-9mi from Snoqualmie Pass. I live a little less than an hour from the pass and have skied at the ski resort through which we descended to I90. The folks were in the area on vacation and so I got to see mom and dad. They even took me to see a movie, which is the most non-trail experience possible (sitting motionless instead of walking and synthetic instead if natural audio and visuals). After getting dropped off at the trail I was going to write a quick e-mail and get a mile or two in before camping. Instead, I ran into a trail angel about 0.1mi in and camped next to the picnic table they’d set up at with the promise of a pancake breakfast in the morning.

Mirror Lake where I started the day. The water is very still and you can see why its so named.

Hiking with Blackberry and Gibblets towards Snoqualmie Pass. The vegetation is dense and there were lots of blue berries and huckle berries. Puppy had already dropped behind to pick some. The ruggedness of the hills in the distance is exciting. I’ve hiked in them before but never gotten to approach from where I could see them except from beneath.

Snoqualmie Ski Resort without the snow. I’ve skied here several times and it looks very different but just familiar enough that you’re not sure whether or not you’ve seen it before.

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