Day 129: When something is named Deception, how are you deceived?

Memories from August 27

Today some really great scenery. I finished the Goldmyer Hotsprings alternate and hiked out through the Deception Pass area to Deception Lake.

Lake Ivanhoe. The passing up through Miller Gap and down to it was really fantastic.

Most of my pictures don’t capture the colors of the water in many of the better lakes so here’s a study.

Overlooking Deep Lake from the top of a ridge before dropping in to the next valley.

This creek has a sign at the previous fork in the trail warning that it can be dangerous. While it is passable at this time of year, it was one of the more complex crossings I’ve done in a while since it was so wide and the trail enters and exits at very different places.

A live note written on a torn bit of envelope which I found tragically left on the trail.

Deception Lake. I usually cowboy camp but tonight, I set up the tarp.

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