Day 134: More Rain

Memories from September 1
It rained on and off for most of the day so I don’t have very many pictures. Water messes with the capacitive touch screen on my phone so I can’t swipe to open the camera from the lock screen. Also, clouds obscured most of the views so there wasn’t as much to take photograph.

During drier spells, I did get some pictures. This bridge, over the Suiattle River is the longest I’ve seen in the back country.

Here’s an amusing trail sign. North and South are within a few degrees of each other. Across from them (behind me) was a trail sign to Suiattle Road or something like that.

For a moment, I was hoping it would clear up.

Red Cross and Napoleon who I camped with last night caught up while I was taking a snack break. Toward the beginning of a long, climb shortly before the rain restarted. Napoleon left the break hiking like a mad man and I chased him up the hill for my own motivation. Like yesterday, I think the scenery would have been fantastic as the terrain seemed to open up towards the crest into an lush, unoccluded (except for the clouds), well watered, and sufficiently varied trail. Here was an attempt to capture the gist of it.

I wound up camping just short of a ford where a trail side boulder had a large space beneath, making for a warm and sheltered campsite. The last mile or so had appeared untouched by the rain and I considered trying to build a fire to dry my clothes. Since I’ll be getting in to Stehekin tomorrow, I washed my socks instead since they were wet anyways and spent a little time trying to arrange logs to bridge to creek.

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