Day 135: Stehekin

Memories from September 2

Today I walked the 12 miles to the High Bridge Ranger Station where I could catch a bus to Stehekin. Stehekin is on the northern tip of Lake Chelan and only accessible by ferry or float plane. There’s one road which runs between the town and the trail with stops at a couple of hiking spots, a ranch, and an excellent bakery. The walk itself was pretty uneventful with moderate foliage and light rain.

The view if Lake Chelan from Stehekin.

I was waiting for the public showers and laundry machines to become available when a hiker named Safe Bet I’d met on the bus said he’d booked a room an asked if I wanted to split it since there was a second bed. Originally, my plan had been to get out on the last bus. However, a well informed family which vacations in Stehekin every year said the ranch had a large or all you can eat dinner then pointed out free camping and so I decided to stay the night.  In the end I wound up going in for half the room which was a very nice break from the rain which has been dogging me on and off for the last few days. Things cleared up in the afternoon and a few hikers celebrated Safe Bet’s birthday on the deck overlooking the water.

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