Hayduke Day 22

Memories from October 25, 2018.

Today was really pleasant. There were zero obstacles all day. I just walked up Last Chance Creek and Paradise Canyon letting my mind wander and wonder, checking the GPS every once in a while.

I had been dreading doing this with map and compass because I feel the need to track every turn and side canyon. My mind has to be on and engaged constantly. GPS made today feel like a vacation.

The mud made a set of footprints very visible. It’s like having an invisible hiking partner.

The only notable event was that I had human contact after about 50hrs of solitude. I was eating lunch and drying gear (mostly condensation on the tent) where a dirt road crosses Last Chance Creek. A trio of motorcyclists came by and one checked on me as he passed.

Other than that the only thing with mentioning besides some joke about having been to Paradise is that my water treatment drops ran out. There are two dropper bottles with different chemicals which you combine before adding to water. Only one dropper bottle ran out and on closer inspection it appears to have a defect which created larger drops. Good thing I’ve got a filter. Back home where I rarely treat or filter because there’s such a short distance between you and snowmelt. Not so here where the cows roam everywhere.

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