Hayduke Day 23

Memories from October 26, 2018.

Today’s miles were mostly road walking to the end of the section where my parents were going to meet me.

There were many ATVs, trucks, and even campers in pull-offs. I think hunting season is in full swing. A quartet of ATVs hummed by like a small caravan. One stopped to ask if I was “having fun” which seemed like a pleasant way to ask if I was ok. I said yes, pointed to his rifle and said he looked like was off to have some fun. He grimaced and asked if I’d seen any deer. Apparently things aren’t going so well.

There were some rock layers jutting out in an interesting way.

This is my new favorite road sign. Think about what must have had to happen and how many times for it to get made.

At the road which apparently does lead to highway 89, apparently things aren’t much better. For some reason, I find this hilarious. Hope there’s nothing important on Highway 89.

Shortly before Grosvenor Arch is this pond which reflected the sandstone nicely.

Grosvenor Arch.

I got to the end of the section where my parents were. Mom had tried to hike out and meet me but had started down the road which starts the next section so I got a head start on tomorrow as Dad slid the minivan over the slightly muddy road to get her.

The Cannonville PO had given Dad my resupply box since I’d written a note authorizing him to pick it up so there was no reason to go into town. My parents got their car camping on. Mom had her spinning, Dad a folding table to put under the stove and pulled out his laptop after dinner. Copious quantities of fresh fruit were consumed. It felt so good to sit in a chair.

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