Hayduke Day 30

Memories from Nov 2, 2018.

The sun is now getting up late enough that I wake before it. Water from here to my next resupply in Jacob Lake looks extremely unreliable. Yesterday even some of the supposedly reliable tanks were empty. I took a my capacity of 9 liters from the first potholes I could find which weren’t just a skim of water over thin mud. Of course, there wound up being better water later in Buckskin Gulch but I usually play a pretty conservative water game. On the downside, my pack was pretty top heavy.

Buckskin Gulch had some interesting sandstone formations and a narrows.

There were more people there than I’ve ever seen on trail. I wound up walking out to the Wire Pass trailhead while chatting a husband-wife duo from Chicago.

Just a short while later I reached the state line and crossed into Arizona. Here the Hayduke follows the Arizona Trail until almost the Grand Canyon. Two Haydukers has signed the register at the start of the AZT three days before me. I probably won’t catch them but it creates a sense of community.

It’s oddly pleasant to be back on a National Scenic Trail. The trail is well graded and so takes a while to get anywhere. This draws out the views.

I think this is just my second night on the Hayduke camping in what might be called a forest.

3 thoughts on “Hayduke Day 30

  1. Isaac…I’m the husband from the Chicago husband-wife duo you met in this hike. My wife and I thought of you as we were recently watching a documentary on the Hayduke, and how cool to find this journal. While I’ve been visiting & day hiking southern Utah and northern Arizona for several years now (Love it) I’d never heard of the Hayduke until meeting you. And seeing what this trail really entails now – holy crap dude what an aaccomplishment! We hope you are well and want to apologize for not offering you water at the end of our walk together. What a couple of stupid Midwest suburbanites we are :). Take care!

    1. Aaron – The conversation I had with you and Valerie was the last good one I had until I encountered rafters at the bottom of the Grand Canyon. The conversations you have when encountering normal hikers while you’re on a long hike frequently wind up as a monologue because you haven’t talked in a while and they just keep asking questions. It was really nice to hear about your adventures and your interests in the southwest and to share that connection. It’s surprising how big the small things can be. It’s always fun to meet people who’ve found something they’re passionate about – I loved that you would come out to the same area regularly since I’ve always spread my vacation around. All the best!

      1. We did make our first trek to the PacNW (Oregon coast) this past summer and really enjoyed it. We’ll be back that way to hit some of your park recommendations in Wash. for sure. In the meantime we’re back to southern Utah this spring break which has become a family ritual. All the best to you as well and hope you’re saving vacation for your next big trail! We’ll be sure to follow!

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