Hayduke Day 31

Memories from November 3, 2018.

I make it around 20 miles by 2pm today which is unusually fast. The trail was level, and well marked both because there is a trail and because there are giant cairns which are completely unnecessary in current conditions.

This part of the AZT on the North Kaibab has a uniform ecosystem so there wasn’t much new to see. However the trail is cut close to and crosscut with roads and double tracks which made spotting trucks easier than spotting deer.

Jacob Lake was a disappointing resupply. I got a nice meal while chatting up a pair of hunters and the food selection at the tiny shop was sufficient. However, rooms were expensive, internet was only available in the “hotel” not “motel” rooms, and there was no laundry. Cell service was very spotty and so I had to resolve some business by text message (which I had to resend multiple times) and couldn’t research AZT water reports. Perhaps what I’m really sad about is that my inner thigh chafe is getting bad (a first) so I didn’t really want to keep walking. A tub soak would have felt really good but I just couldn’t justify it without getting something else for the price.

With fresh food and water, I decided to just get back on trail. This would have involved a road walk which would have lasted until sunset but two amiable hunters stopped and asked if I wanted a ride so I yellow blazed a few miles. With the uniformity of the ecosystem here, I didn’t feel like I was missing much. Also this means the next several days should be a little shorter as so maybe the chafe won’t be so bad.

Tonight’s camp is by a full tank of water which has a large concrete catch basin maybe a quarter the size of a basketball court. New to me. The road noise (this section is inescapably close to a highway) with make an interesting lullaby.

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